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Hedge funds 101

Hedge funds have been perceived as elitist investments or only for high net worth individuals. This is a pity, as hedge funds can offer investors excellent returns with generally lower risk. They are essentially funds which aim to generate returns that are independent of the direction of the underlying market…

How to dodge a downturn

In times of weak economic growth, companies need to be that much smarter to survive and thrive. To understand what is needed to navigate and negotiate changing times and tough conditions, we studied the behaviour and performance of more than 1,200 South African-listed companies over a period of 15 years. Through this in-depth work, we identified two primary business attributes that actively help to recession-proof a business…

Don’t be fooled by the bounce back

In the face of tremendous geopolitical uncertainty, markets in 2016 were characterised by a rebound in previously out-of-favour currencies, sectors and stocks, while the winners of the previous decade lagged.   This ‘bounce back’ can largely be attributed to an uptick in commodity prices which provided a boost for resource stocks and developing markets, but are these returns sustainable?

The largest companies in the JSE

Bayhill Capital has released an infographic depicting how the companies listed on the JSE have been affected by the growth of industry and technology over the past four decades focusing on the years 1976, 1989, 1996, 2006 and 2016. The largest company in the JSE in each decade together with the industry of the number one listed company are highlighted…