Bonds: The Capital Alternative

One Securities Exchange for SA
Spillover Volatility
JSE: Two new fear factors
Strate joins Link Up Markets

The Provision of Capital in Islamic Finance

Live pricing on the SRI Index
What Africa Needs
The relationship between fiscal and monetary policy

Compliance Institute of South Africa

Leadership & Education
STRATE Money Market Examinations
Ten Common Career Mistakes
Writing a professional CV
10th Edition - April 2010
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Bonds: The Capital Alternative
One Securities Exchange for South Africa
Bonds enable issuers to raise flexible, cost-effective funding from a broad investor base... click here
On Monday, 27 October 2008, the JSE acquiring the entire share capital of BESA and BESA becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the JSE... click here
Spillover Volatility, Contagion and Information
The JSE Introduces two new "Fear Factors"
The study of spillover volatility provides useful insights into how information is transmitted between different asset class markets, both at a country to country level or at a local market level ... click here
The JSE has launched two new volatility indices, the SAVI Dollar and the SAVI White Maize... click here
Strate joins Link Up Markets 
The Provision of Capital in Islamic Finance 
Link Up Markets is an international CSD joint venture to improve post-trade processing of cross-border transactions…click here
It is important to understand the characteristics and consequences of the different methods of capital provision as it will enable a proper assessment of the correct capital provision mechanisms depending on the circumstances and the different methods of capital provision and their resultant characteristics, applications and consequences in an Islamic Finance framework...click here
What Africa Needs 
The relationship between fiscal policy and monetary policy
What African countries need to do to succeed in reducing poverty and increasing levels of prosperity…click here
Policy changes affect each and every individual in this country. Whatever decisions are made impact on every person’s economic life. Therefore, the economic performance of a country is important... click here
STRATE Money Market Examinations 
Ten Common Career Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Strate Ltd, South Africa’s Central Securities Depository’s Training Department offers a wide range of training for the South African Securities market...click here
We have all at some stage made career decisions, which, in retrospect, we wish we hadn’t …click here
Writing a professional CV Live pricing on SRI Index - One step closer to responsible investing
If you're seeking to make a positive career move in 2009, try to avoid these career missteps…click here
From the 28th of September, the exchange will disseminate live values of its Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index...click here


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