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The Role of Property as an Asset Class in Islamic Finance

Residential Property Investment Price Behaviour

A Brief Overview of Property Syndication

Instruments and Investments

Treasury Bills

Investment Overview

Unitisation: Converting an investment trust into a unit trust
SSF’S Paving the way to a secure future
Utilising FIX
Derivative Instruments in world financial Markets
Budgeting, accountability and fiscal performance in South Africa

Equity Risk Premium: A Quantitative Perspective


The Mechanics of Ethical Credit Practices


Mind Power for your Career


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The Role of Property as an Asset Class in Islamic Finance
Property as an asset class has a special importance in Islamic Finance beceeause of its ability to replicate the cashflows of fixed interest instruments, and because of its ability to achieve compounded returns. Click here for more
Utilising FIX - Standardise Electronic Workflow & Improve Counterparty Communications
It is critical for fund managers to improve and automate workflow efficiencies by upgrading their technology infrastructure – including integrating multiple systems, leveraging industry standards for communication and generally streamlining business processes. Click here for more
Residential Property Investment Price Behaviour Investment Overview
Given these extraordinary growth rates in domestic property investments, it is conceivable that property holdings for the purpose of creating wealth have gained prominence in recent history. Click here for more
Equity market returns in excess of 45% in 2005 have revived fears of an imminent market correction. Click here for more
SSF's Paving the Way to a Secure Future Derivative Instruments in World Financial Markets
Single Stock Futures (SSFs) have grown phenomenally since their introduction to the South African market in 1998. There are now 230 single stock futures listed and, within just four years, South Africa's SSF market has become the second-largest market of its kind worldwide. Click here for more
The growth of the derivatives market has been a catalyst for major changes in the way in which both banking and securities regulators approach their task. From a supervisory point of view, financial institutions must have adequate systems in place to ensure prudent risk management and capital to support the risks. Click here for more
Equity Risk Premium: A Quantitive Perspective Mind Power for your career
Many studies internationally have debated the merits of an equity risk premium and if it still applies, what a fair and reasonable equity premium would be. Click here for more
Isn’t it strange that the skills that we need to perform in the workplace or to cope with those everyday challenges are not taught in schools, universities or business schools? Click here for more


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