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Overview of the sub-prime market meltdown

Overview of the National Credit Act
Personal Debt
Instruments and Investments

Hedging Strategies

Listed Property Stocks
International Asset Management
Currency Futures
Generating Interest Rate

Interest Rate Sensitivity for Bonds


Rip van Winkel

Some dynamics of trading
South African Reserve Bank Monetary Policy
Consumer Education
Cultivating Investment Savvy

Mr Dube Tshidi

How to get Yourself Headhunted
Wisdom for the World of Work part 2
6th Edition 2007

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The JSE- Cultivating an Investment Savvy Generation

Information about the best ways to save and invest is one of the best ways to cultivate a culture of saving……. Click here for more

Profile - Mr Dube Tsidi
Leadership, according to the Deputy Executive Officer: Investment Institutions of the FSB is really about serving ….. Click here for more
Rip van Winkel Developments @ SAIFM
When Rip van Winkle woke from his slumber it was to a vastly changed world …. Click here for more
SAIFM is delighted to announce a practice exam for the Regulatory module. The exam will replicate the real exam ... Click here for more
Hedging Strategies Overview of the sub-prime market melt-down
A hedge strategy (“hedge”) is a counterbalancing investment that mitigates the price risks in an underlying asset …. Click here for more
On 13 July 2007 the FTSE / JSE All-share index briefly touched 30 000 – its highest level yet. One month later the index was 13% lower …. Click here for more
Listed Property Stocks as a Portfolio Diversifier
Commercial real estate’s increasing popularity can largely be attributed to its improving accessibility as an asset class, primarily due to the proliferation and success of listed property investment vehicles… Click here for more


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