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SA market moving Strate ahead

Bonds as capital raisers
Economic growth set to slow
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8th Edition 2008

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Can Hedge Funds deliver what investors expect?
There are many disappointed investors out there and it remains to be seen if the industry can pick itself up from the rumored recent disinvestments that seemed impossible to imagine only a year ago .... click here
A Code of Conduct for Hedge Fund Financial Services Providers (FSPs) Demystifying Hedge Funds
The FSB has declared hedge funds and funds of hedge funds “financial products” for purposes of extending the licences of discretionary FSP to provide intermediary services for these funds … click here
The hedge fund industry offers investors impressive gains at reduced risk and is growing at an alarming rate…. click here
Technical Analysis - a trader's perspective Socially Responsible Investments
Technical Analysis - getting the probabilities on your side… click here
Does the age old words of wisdom " the more you give, the more you shall receive " also apply in the corporate world … click here
Strate is moving ahead with new developments in the SA Market Bonds as a capital raising instrument
Strate is raising the profile of SA as an attractive investment destination for both local and foreign investors… click here
Chances are that at some stage or other most companies are likely to be in need of some extra funding. Bonds may offer issuers a flexible, cost-effective alternative form of funding... click here
Economic growth set to slow Integrated Social Development
In view of rising debt servicing costs, intensifying job losses and the additional pressure placed on real incomes from higher-than-expected inflation, would it be safe to say that we can expect economic growth to slow... click here
Despite reasonably robust positive growth in the South African economy over the past number of years, progress towards eradicating poverty by addressing the unemployment, redistribution and associated socio-economic problems has been less successful … click here
Inflation forecast Infrastructure
The introduction of a new inflation measure for the consumer price index (CPI) basket and the rebasing of all price indices might give some insight into what to expect in terms of inflation for 2009... click here
Despite residential construction slowing markedly due to higher interest rates, we believe overall investment can hold up nicely … click here
ACTSA Corporate Governance
The Association of Corporate Treasurers of Southern Africa celebrates a milestone in its history this year its 20th anniversary... click here
Good corporate governance should form the cornerstone of any responsible organisation… click here
Round your structure for high performance
The shift from old to new, reflects a shift from a traditional, stable playing field to an approach that values change, empowerment and teamwork. A new approach to leadership requires that managers become the new leaders in an organisation… click here


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