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The South African Financial Markets Journal
17th Edition May 2013

Developments at SAIFM: April 2013

By Karin van Wyk

New magazine design

AIFM is proud to launch the 17th edition of our magazine in a brand new format. A new functionality has been added whereby articles are now available in PDF format for your convenience. The homepage of our magazine is sent to our database of approximately 8 000 financial market practitioners and is a good platform to provide exposure for your company by placing an advertisement or advertorial (an article with promotional content) or simply by demonstrating your own skill and promoting your company by contributing an article.

New weekly afternoon calculation workshops launched in May

Starting in May 2013, weekly afternoon workshops will be held to assist registered students with the financial calculations covered in the different modules of the Registered Persons Examinations (RPE). Generally it would be one workshop per module, except for the Introduction to Financial Markets which would require two workshops due to the number of calculations in the module. Students will be assisted to use their own non-programmable financial calculators, which they will also use in the examination. In addition, each student will receive an excel spreadsheet showing how a calculation was made. These workshops are offered at a 15% discount to members of SAIFM. For details with regard to the workshops, please click here or email

One and Two Day Workshops

Very successful two-day Financial Instruments workshops in partnership with Andre Kurten, were held on 25th and 26th February, 7th and 8th May (Johannesburg) and 9th and 10th May (Cape Town).

Further workshops planned include:





Financial Instruments

Andre Kurten



Financial Instruments

Andre Kurten

Cape Town 


Introduction to the Grain markets In South Africa

Dirk Strydom


11th  June 2013

These workshops are offered at a 15% discount to members of SAIFM. To apply for membership, click here or email


Various developments with regard to our current examinations have taken place:
  • Equity exam: New learning material and exam went live on 25 February 2013.
  • Forex exam: New learning material and exam went live on 25 February 2013.
  • Bonds exam: New learning material and exam went live on 22 April 2013.

Recruitment adverts

SAIFM offers employers and recruitment companies reasonably priced advertising services for purposes of recruitment for bona fide vacancies in the financial markets. For further information, please click here or email

Social responsibility

SAIFM has made available to CIDA University free exams for 55 students for the following SAIFM modules in 2013:
  • Introduction to Financial Markets
  • The Equity Market
  • Regulation and Ethics of SA Financial Markets
  • The Bond Market
  • The Derivatives Market

The next edition of this magazine will be published in September/October 2013. Contributions are welcome. If you are interested, please forward your topic with a brief outline by 7 August 2013 for consideration by our editorial committee. 

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