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How to Manage a trading career

Hedge Funds In SA
Unlimited Offshore Investing:ITRIX
OTC Market: Processing requirements

Evolution of Equity Settlements

Unlimited Offshore Investing:ITRIX

OTC Market: Processing requirements

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Transition Management
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The Fundamentals of Islamic finance

Defining the Active Quant

Hedge Funds In SA

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Financial Engineering for Corporates


ABSA Investment Overview

Impact of e-money on the economy

How to manage a trading career


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Hedge Funds In SA
The Managed Funds Association in the US broadly defines a hedge fund as ‘any pooled investment vehicle that is privately organised, administered by professional investment managers, and not widely available to the public’. The premise fundamentally outlines the fact that hedge funds are known to purposefully operate outside the ambit of investment regulations . . . . click here for more
OTC Market: Straight through processing requirements New exchange traded funds: Unlimited offshore investing
The OTC derivatives market is getting an innovative system that will create automation of matching and payment schedules. . . . click here for more
Deutsche Bank and the JSE are listing two new ETFs tracking the FTSE 100 and Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 . . . . click here for more
Developments at SAIFM Fundamentals of Islamic Finance
SAIFM is pleased to announce it has been awarded full accreditation status as an Assessment Site by FASSETQA and that the RPE has now been aligned to registered unit standards . . . . click here for more
Contrary to popular belief, Islam does permit the making of a profit. In fact, profit forms the basis of the Islamic financial system. . . . click here for more
Transition Management Financial engineering for corporates: a few case studies
Specialist Transition Management is becoming a necessity in the pension fund arena worldwide with over $3.6 trillion having been transitioned by 17 large professional Transition Managers in the US during 2004 alone. . . . click here for more
Few companies understand how to utilize the derivatives market for example to hedge certain corporate action event. . . . click here for more


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