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1st Edition April 2005

Metal Exchanges
In February 2005 Lulu Xingwana, Deputy Minister of Minerals and Energy, announced that Johannesburg could become the centre for a Pan-African Metals and Minerals Exchange... click here
Plastic Futures
2005 sees the launch of the Plastic futures contracts on the London Metal Exchange. As a large producer of plastic and plastic related chemicals these contracts are going to provide a dollar based hedging mechanism for the South African plastic producers and end users. …Click here
Securities Services Act
New Securities Services Act is set to put the South African securities market on the world map… Click here
Weather derivatives Earnings vs Cash based Valuation Techniques
The weather has an enormous impact on business activities of many kinds and varies both geographically and seasonally. Faced with these weather challenges and opportunities, a new financial instrument called a weather derivative, has emerged …Click here
The ascendancy of shareholders in most developed countries has led more managers to focus on value creation as the most important metric of corporate performance. Both earnings and cash flow valuation techniques are widely used in practice. Whilst neither method is so flawed …Click here
The Changing Landscape : Retirement Funds The SA Equity Market Risk Premium
The National Treasury Task Team recently released a discussion paper on the transformation of the retirement fund industry ... Click here
When evaluating the past relative performance of bonds versus equities, reference is often made to the equity market risk premium which essentially measures the average return that investors would expect over and above the “risk-free” rate of return ... Click here

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