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The New Binary Options Market

BESA Binary Options Market
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Financial Conditions Index for S.A.

Informal Finance
The Basics of Carbon Credit Creation
Islamic Fixed Income Portfolio

Update: Subprime Meltdown

Dematerialisation of the Money Market
Demutualisation of BESA
JSE's Equity Derivatives and Yield-X markets
Driving the gold price
Exchange traded funds
SA Power Outlook
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Careers in Banking
Fit and Proper Requirements
7th Edition 2008

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A Financial Conditions Index for S.A.
The New Binary Options Market A Financial Conditions Index for South Africa can serve as a rough indicator for the conduct of monetary policy…. click here

Binary Options have been classified for quite some time as "exotic" belying the simplicity of the instrument… click here

BESA Binary Options Market Informal Finance
BESA to launch the first binary options market in South Africa .… click here
Informal finance as an instrument to develop the poor … click here
The Basics of Carbon Credit Creation Islamic Fixed Income Portfolio
Carbon credits, a revolutionary new category of financial instruments, were created to encourage parties to reduce Green House Gas emissions … click here
The formulation of a fixed interest portfolio in Islamic Finance is even more involved than in a conventional case… click here
Driving the gold price. Exchange traded funds
A statistically significant negative relationship exists between the gold price and the US dollar gold leasing rate... click here
Increasingly in the world of asset management, we are witnessing a trend towards "bifurcation" or the separation of the alpha from Beta ... click here
SA Power Outlook Careers in Banking 
Power demand is now uncomfortably close to generation capacity in South Africa… click here
Investment banking can be an excellent career but you will always be subject to the vagaries of the financial markets... click here
SA Inflation and Rates SocGen: Another History Lesson
Global Food Prices have soared… click here On 24 January 2008 Société Générale, France’s second largest bank, announced that it had suffered a trading loss of €4.9billion (USD7.1 billion) – the biggest trading loss in banking history… click here


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