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Does Gender matter for Financial Advice?

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Global financial crisis
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9th Edition - April 2009
In this Edition . . . .
Global financial crisis: What happened and what happens next? Green shoots in an arid landscape
The market turbulence that began in July 2007 with the sub-prime market meltdown, led to financial market panic in September 2008 with the bankruptcy of Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers and the near-failure of insurer American International Group (AIG) ....... click here
Dismal economic indicators confirm that the global financial crisis has set an especially dreary scene for global economic activity in 2009.? But there are some green shoots pushing through the concrete ….… click here
Carbon foot printing as a way forward into a low carbon society Are stock markets predictors of future economic activity?
Carbon Markets saw tremendous growth and a value of some 90 billion US Dollars in 2008; almost double what it was worth in 2007 and the market looks set to rise again in value for 2009… click here
Many investors and researchers have disputed the efficient markets hypothesis on both empirical and theoretical grounds... click here
Africa Board: A gateway to Africa Does Gender matter for Financial Advice?
The JSE launched the FTSE/JSE African Board on 19 February 2009, giving investors a quick and easy way to identify and trade in African stocks… click here
Gender influences both the behaviour of investors and financial professionals. In addition significant differences have been found to exist in the way men and women process information, make decisions and handle finances … click here
The Role of Social Networks, Reputation and Trust in Islamic Capital Markets Predictions Markets and the real value they offer
In Islamic finance and economics, the focus is on limiting ones wants in order to match the resources at his disposal. Thus, instead of looking to maximize the consumption possible off of a specific income base, the focus is on limiting consumption to suit the income base… click here
In the latter part of 2008 Justrade.com (Justrade), Africa’s first online binary options exchange, was launched. Justrade provides investors with easy and affordable access to binary options contracts unique in the context of South African financial markets…. click here


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